The 4 Best Type Of Men To Date During College Years

During college, girls tend to look at different guys. We all have our ideal men that we want to date. We are always drawn to good looks and popularity. If you want to know the guys that you should date when in college that you can benefit from, check this out. Here are the best types of men that you should date in the campus.

  1. The Scholar

College is the fun time in your life, but you should always remember that you are in school to study and not just to jump into relationships. If you will date a scholar, the influence he can give is something favorable for grades. The time that you will be hanging out can be during your study time. It’s a win-win situation for you.

  1. Bad Boy

A lot of ladies are drawn to guys with a not so good attitude. There is something in them that we see as a trophy. It’s because girls want to stand out and if a lady will be able to straighten out a bad boy, it is like winning a lottery.

  1. The Frat Superstar

If you want to experience the fun in college, it is best if you can date the star of the fraternity. You will get the opportunity to partake in a lot of parties. You would also not be worried about their alcohol tolerance because they can handle it well.

  1. The Exchange Student

It’s an excellent chance for you to learn new things if you will date someone from the foreign land. There are a lot of culture differences that you can discover, and it will help you learn a lot of things about yourself as well.

Get the best college experience by trucker dating the top college boys to date. It will be fun, but you just have to make sure that you know your priorities.

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