My Manifesto

As an aspiring candidate for a dating society in the University, I have a lot of plans intended for the students. As we all know, dating is already part of our lives. It is the time in our lives when we want to go out and explore the world. If I am lucky to head the society, there will be different activities as well as a guideline that will be provided. Check out the things that will be done under my supervision.

Dating Expo

It will be an activity conducted where there will be a meet and greet to see if there are people who will be a match. It is like getting the thrill of knowing a person for the first time.

University Date Forums

There will be a designated site intended for the students who can create a profile that will let them meet other students on the site. Aside from that, there will be blogs updated about the different tips when it comes to dating.

The Annual Ball

We need to let the student enjoy their college life, and with that being said, there will be an annual party held whereas you can bring your date for the night.

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